Waiting Services

More time for you…

Do you find that time is slipping away, waiting for something?  Good use of your time is essential to good health and living.  Some days it seems like time flies by when we can be utilizing our time for more productive or exciting things.  Give your Alacrity Travel & Lifestyle personal assistant a call when the time is not on your side.  We are happy to assist you with waiting services.

  • Waiting for deliveries, such as appliances or furniture
  • Waiting for home repair and maintenance services, like a plumber, electrician, cable installation
  • Waiting at service shop while a vehicle is being serviced or repaired
  • Waiting in line to get tickets for events
  • Waiting at the department of motor vehicles

Get in Touch

Contact Alacrity Travel & Lifestyle™ travel advisors and personal lifestyle concierge specialists to discover how easy it is to start your next journey, plan your special event, and experience your luxury lifestyle.

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