Household Management

Taking care of your family, daily chores, and home maintenance issues…

Home management and daily household chores are a lot of work, but that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. Whether you are trying to keep your home in order, have clean clothes for work on Monday, wait for the cable to be installed, or need to find the resources to maintain your home and landscaping, Alacrity Travel & Lifestyle™ can help you with your needs.  Many of these tasks that take large amounts of time. Time, when you could be focusing on more important issues.

  • Maintain Your Daily Home – Do Laundry, Change Bedding, Straighten Up the House, Take Out the Trash
  • Professional Scheduled Cleaning
  • Maintenance Oversight– Arrange Maintenance or Repairs, Landscape Staff Coordination, Annual Furnace Checks, etc.
  • Order, Purchase, and Stock your Necessities
  • Sort through the Mail
  • Wait for appliance or furniture deliveries
  • Accept packages requiring a signature
  • Wait for contractors: plumber, electrician, cable, etc.
  • Refer and Oversee Contractors for Jobs ~ Big and Small

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Whatever your needs, we can help. Get in touch with an Alacrity Travel & Lifestyle™ Concierge today.

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